Golf. Why do people love it so? If you have to ask that question, then obviously you have never tried spending a full day out on the links with good food, good drinks and good friends. You don't have to be a PGA hopeful to get the best possible bang for your buck with 18 holes of this sport that combines strategy and physicality in a way that is not far off from being considered a human game of chess. Sometimes the straight path is not the best path when you are taking a swing at that tiny ball. And while distance drives can impress onlookers, the most powerful shot is not always the winning shot. Men and women alike are drawn to the sport for the challenges that it represents, and if you are one of them, then you are probably hoping to live in or near a place that promotes quality golfing.

One such place is the Desert Mountain development in the Phoenix area. This location is known for the very best in championship golf that the city and its surrounding areas have to offer. While the price tag for living here can get a little expensive, when you consider what you are getting out of the deal from a golfer's standpoint, it all becomes worthwhile. The Golfer's Dream is alive and well in the Desert Mountain region, and it is alive and well because of the following reasons:

1. Amazing scenery

The Desert Mountain scenery combines greenery and mountains in a way that few other locations around the Phoenix area are able to pull off. Living here, every day is like a day in paradise because Mother Nature's best is never further away than right outside your door.

2. Challenging and fun competition

There are plenty of fellow competitors around the area to expand your social life, improve your game and get more out of the place where you live and this awesome unique amenity.

3. Home ownership in a place that is destined to grow

The home ownership component in the Desert Mountain area is one that can bring out the very best in your long term investment. The homes in this region are stunning. They deliver more amenities than you will get anywhere else. And that's all before you ever step out onto the fairways. While the real estate market has been in a quandary since 2008, the homes here continue to be highly sought after, bringing the Golfer's Dream alive each and every day while also offering a great tax shelter and a place to stay.

If you want to live in the Desert Mountain area, then make sure you find an experienced agent to watch out for your best interests today.