It may seem hard to believe but at the Arizona Grand Villas, affordable housing is in large supply. Many of the units here are one and two bedrooms with about the same amount of baths, and each could be yours for less than $500k. In return for the purchase price you can also have access to the Arizona Grand amenities, which include a championship golf course, water park, spa, and much more. All of the things that would normally escalate the price of one's home to seven and eight figures are at your disposal for no more than the cost of the condo unit plus maintenance fee. And if you've never seen the Arizona Grand in all its vast glory, then you may not be prepared with how dreamlike and captivating it is.

This is the type of place where people come from all over the world during their vacations to chill out by the pool and to take in the finest resort style living that the state has within its borders. Living here means having access to all these things and playing by the same rules of the honored guests. But rather than packing up and leaving it behind after a week, you can go on enjoying it as long as you choose to call the Arizona Grand Villas your home. Here are some more reasons why you may want to choose this location for your condo purchase.

1. Highly sought after.

Whether you're looking for bragging rights, a great place to live, or an investment that can generate revenue, this is a place that offers you all three. When people decide they want to rent out a unit as opposed to home ownership or buying, they look here first because of all the built in perks, the security, the comfort, etc. As a resident, it's easy to take what you have for granted until viewing it through another's eyes. If you can look at Arizona Grand the way visitors see it, you'll never want to leave.

2. Incredible value.

The overall value of a unit is more than just the price that you pay for it. It's how much that unit will be worth in several years. As Arizona itself continues to grow and attract attention from tourists across the country and the world, the idea of getting your own unit for $455,000 may seem like a distant memory. But that's what you can purchase a unit for right now, and with the real estate market in the beginning stages of an upswing, the potential reward is huge.

Ready for a taste of paradise every time you step outside? Then give the Arizona Grand Villas a look today. You won't be sorry.