Paradise Valley makes a great place to call home when you are on vacation. Actually, it's a great place to call home all during the year, but especially for vacations. This particular area is close to some of the best Arizonian cuisine, shopping and night life that you will be able to find, and if you are a believer that a home is only as good as its location, you will find much to like about the Paradise Valley community. Currently, home values are still much lower than they should be given the history of the market values, so if you want a fantastic home at an even better price, then you need to look in to some of the options in this community.


Paradise Valley, unlike many other more urbanized environments, gives you the scenery that you are looking for in a place to call home. The view of the mountains and the desert vistas are breathtaking. They commune with parts of nature that have been unchanged in several hundred years, and so if you appreciate the historical and natural significance of the environment, then you will want Paradise Valley to be on the short list of the homes that you buy as a vacation residence.

The everyday life

It is important when buying a vacation home that you don't choose something that is so far away that it ceases to deliver the modern conveniences you have grown accustomed to. Paradise Valley has grown more and more industrialized in recent years without actually sacrificing its charming, rustic touch. Everyday life can still go on as normal with quick access to fine dining filled with numerous cultural favorites as well as some of the most prestigious retail outlets and shopping centers in the country. And at night, if you are tired of hanging out around the house, it is a short drive to the city to enjoy what the various clubs and events have to offer.

Rental income year round

The great thing about these homes as vacation residences only is this: you get two, maybe four weeks, of vacation every year. That leaves 48-50 weeks during the year that the home can be rented out for the price that you set. As such, you can shoot for 100 percent occupancy during these weeks and essentially have tourists pay the price of your property. You can even set it to where it provides a source of supplemental income. The sooner you pay the vacation residence off, the more significantly it will affect your income in positive ways.

Paradise Valley real estate is perhaps one of the best investments you can make in the real estate industry. Do yourself a favor and buy a vacation home here today.