Living by the Camelback Country Club will afford you access to one of the classic golf communities the United States - and the world - has to offer. Championship courses, every kind of amenity imaginable and a community of like minded individuals who share your appreciation for the links, are all advantages. With the housing downturn of 2008 and the rumblings of a recovery in the works, it could be time for one to think about moving to this area. But if you do, there will be a few things that you need to take care of first.

1. Your financial house

Lending standards have grown more difficult in the four years since the bubble burst, and if you plan on gaining access to some of the cut rate pricing that is currently out there on the market, then you will need to understand the financial requirements that lenders are looking for. They want a consistent and plentiful stream of income. (Multiple streams of income - even better!) They want a history of responsible debt management. That means you paying your bills on time and eliminating high interest debt as soon as you possibly can. Lastly, they will need demonstration of a consistently good credit score. All these things working together should win you consideration to live in one of the more elite areas of Arizona.

2. Responsible lifestyle

Homes in the Camelback Country Club area welcome a higher standard of living, which means that in addition to your financial house being in order, you also need to be prepared to adhere to any covenants and restrictions that are in place, designed to preserve the high quality of lifestyle. Without this willingness to live responsibly, you will have difficulty staying within the standards of the community, and you will have an even harder time winning friends in your immediate vicinity.

3. A nice swing

Okay, so you don't have to love golf to live in the area, but why would you want to take part in one of the classic golf communities such as those represented by the Camelback Country Club if you didn't want to become part of the landscape that makes this area so great. You don't have to be the best golfer in the world, but an appreciation for the sport and what it brings to the area will make it easier for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get the most out of your time there, whether it's for just a few hours or for the rest of your life.

If you have made up your mind that this is where you want to be, then the next step is to find a realtor experienced in the market and the area. Do it today!