Clearwater Hills is a huge affluent community situated in Paradise Valley, Arizona. It is located in the mountains. Of course, the homes are located on the hillside. The environment is a peaceful one, surrounded by desert bushes and palm trees. As the community is located on the hillside, the houses are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. That means homeowners can enjoy the privacy and tranquility of the area.

As you may have guessed, many of these homes are very spacious. They claim at least one acre of land, and it is not uncommon to find 4 to 5 bedrooms in a single property. Of course, since these are luxury homes, you would expect to find private amenities such as swimming pools within the properties. As space is abundant within each property, homeowners have the flexibility to add more features to the homes. Some have outdoor patios that are great for an afternoon of leisure reading. Others have beautiful rock gardens that enhance the overall appearance of the properties. Almost every single property in Clearwater Hills looks impressive.

A lot of joy can be derived just from enjoying the views from within the house. As all the properties are situated on the hillside, that means all of them have got great mountain views. When the night falls, the mountain views fade away, giving way to the view of Phoenix city lights.

It's easy to believe that such an exclusive community would be highly inaccessible. That is not true at all. Within a short half hour drive, shopping is available.

For security reasons, each property has its own private gate. Some houses sit on their own, with no other houses beside them. These homes are, of course, protected by their own private walls. Then there are homes that are lined up beside other houses. These are also gated houses, but they share a wall between them. To beef up security, the community hires guards to watch the entry areas. Besides security guards, concierge services are also available.

With breathtaking mountain views, in-house amenities and private services, one would expect to pay a huge sum of money for a property in Clearwater Hills. Typically, a house located in Clearwater Hill would cost over a million dollars. Many cost a couple of million dollars. But there are a few small units that cost just below the million dollar mark.

Even though the prices may seem formidable upfront, they are considered quite justified. The homes are situated on the hillside, allowing homeowners to enjoy great views from their vantage points. Many of these properties spot impressive architectural designs. Gasps escape the lips of most people visiting these impressive properties for the first time. And the outer appearance is just a start. The private amenities are just as impressive.