DC Ranch golf course homes are tried and true, having run the gauntlet of other golf communities to crop up over the years, and emerging as still the most preferred around. With its placement right next to some of the lushest, greenest, and most challenging golf courses in the state, this is a location that encourages its inhabitants to be healthy and active, whether mastering their long drive, chip shot, and putt, or simply getting out for a walk or run in the surrounding atmosphere. If you are looking for a golf course community home, this is the first place where you should look. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options on affordability. Here's what you can expect to find when you pick this area.

1. Surprisingly affordable homes with golf course access.

While they are something of a rarity, you can currently get a home in this area for less than $100,000. Generally, when you're getting a home at this price, be prepared to take less in bedrooms, baths, and square footage, but it still affords you great access to biking and hiking trails, golf courses, and many other natural and manmade attractions that luxury homeowners are able to enjoy. If you want a home larger with more space to grow, however, be prepared to pay in the low to high six figures. Luckily, there's a lot more inventory as far as this is concerned, and you should be able to find a home that won't break the bank.

2. A financial buddy system.

The ideal scenario for real estate offerings include a mix of every price range. Part of why the DC Ranch has been around for decades and is still going strong is that you don't have to be a rich person to live here, but every home is one that you can be proud of, whether you make $60,000 a year or $600,000. The homes help each other out on a financial buddy system. Pricier homes north of $1 million give mid-level homeowners something to aspire to, while the abundance of inventory in the six figure range attract savvy real estate investors looking for luxury.

3. A close knit Scottsdale Gated Golf Course Community.

Many of the communities around DC Ranch are close knit because people tend to stay here once they move. While some real estate areas in Phoenix are good for people who are just passing through, this is a destination that singles, families and retirees aspire to. Once you're here, you typically don't wish to leave, and that gives you the opportunity to build personal and professional relationships with people. Those relationships may start on the golf course, but they'll often grow from there into lifelong friendships the more that you discover you have in common with one another.