How do you define luxury? Is it a sports car? A nice spacious swimming pool? Servants to wait on your every demand? While many people look at many different things as "luxurious," there are some forms of luxury on which everyone can agree. In particular, the size, style and quality of a home. And for that, most agree that The Montelucia in Paradise Valley meets every demand with flying colors. Living in this portion of Arizona grants one access to the very best in quality of life that the state has to offer. Whether that means homes with top notch amenities, close proximity to all of the best sights and attractions, or simply direct access to some of the most beautiful natural sites of the area, Montelucia has every base covered.

1. Amenities

You will be hard pressed to find a home in the Montelucia that doesn't live up to and meet every expectation for luxury that you have. Swimming pools, tennis, plenty of room, the best in appliances and construction standards, media rooms - you name it, and this location most likely has it. Better yet, you won't have to look very far to locate all the things that you look for in defining "high end home."

2. Proximity

A great home is not just dependent on the home itself. It is also important to consider where it is located in relation to the area attractions. You know the old saying about the three rules of real estate, don't you? (Location, location, location.) By having direct access to the best that the Paradise Valley region has to offer, you can be constantly assured that there is something to do. Fun to be had, life to be lived - whatever you want to call it - Montelucia delivers.

3. Nature

Paradise Valley is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Arizona because it has all the great wondrous beauties that come with living in a valley - namely the mountains. Direct access to hiking and a daily commune with nature - that's what you'll find here. And since the outdoors lifestyle encourages physical fitness, you will enjoy a higher quality of life for a longer amount of time.

There are many reasons why you should place Montelucia at the top of your Paradise Valley real estate list. If you haven't done so quite yet, then make certain you do today. But first, contact a real estate agent, who has experience dealing with the area. Even the best agents can become like fish out of water if they don't have a lot of experience with the geography. Ideally you want someone, who has equal footing with his experience and his knowledge of the real estate environment.