Village on the Lakes is a community located in the Biltmore area of central Phoenix. Due to its natural location, homes within the community enjoy the benefit of having a waterfront view. When combined with luxurious apartment amenities, these homes become irresistible deals.

Privacy in a luxury home

These homes are built in a largely undisturbed neighborhood. That translates to lots of privacy for home owners. You can enjoy your home without having to worry about noises that typically come attached with any city apartment. Mediate or read in peace and quiet. The surrounding water and lush greenery will help support any restorative activities that you engage in.

Beautiful landscaping

From afar, the homes look mysterious in a most inviting manner. The houses are surrounded by greenery and private swimming pools. The front yards are spacious, with a walk way that guides you right into the interior of the house.

More to see inside

Once you are inside the house, it's almost as if you have entered another dimension. These are luxury homes. So a lot of attention and effort has gone into every detail when design the houses. On entering the house, your mind may be momentarily tricked into believing that you have just walked into a luxurious hotel. Marbled flooring, high ceiling, and a couple of cozy sofa seats right next to the fireplace. You feel you can just sit down to rest your tired legs and someone would just appear behind you to serve you cool thirst quenching drinks.

Before letting your imagination run wild though, there is more to see. There are rooms to explore, kitchens to visit, and pools to view. Quite often, each room will be uniquely decorated. Many of these luxury homes spot resort style designs. You will find outdoor areas fully equipped with BBQ equipment. By the poolside, there are wicker chairs, sheltered by standing umbrellas.

These are just some examples of what to expect if you are to walk into a home for viewing purposes.

Living in the neighborhood

Some home owners may argue that in order to live in privacy, convenience will have to be sacrificed. That is not necessarily true. In this case, privacy is achieved by having houses that are well spaced out. The community is not really located in isolated areas, far from the civilization. In fact, you may even be able to go shopping, dining or watch a quick movie without having to drive! If you fancy golf, a golf course is also nearby. If you travel a lot, you may be pleased to learn that the airport is only a short 12 minutes away.

Viewing opportunities

Sounds too good to be true? Waterfront views, greenery, privacy, luxury living, great amenities nearby - all packed into one attractive combo. This is why properties that go on sale in this community gets snapped up very quickly.

You may think that such luxurious homes easily cost over $1 million. However, great buying opportunities do surface every now and then. As of writing, there is a property for sale that is listed at only $650k. So do arrange for viewing with the realtor to avoid disappointment!