Why would you want to live in a historic home? Many people have certain unfounded fears when it comes to what it means to choose history over hipness. They think that something will go wrong and end up costing tons of money on top of the purchase price. They think there is no way the home can continue to stand up much longer, or that it wouldn't be able to withstand a good stiff wind when the weather turns bad. These are all misconceptions that have been disproven time and time again by quality historical home districts, such as the kind that you will find at F Q Story.

The F Q Story historical district offers charming well priced homes. They give you a sense of what it was like to live in Phoenix before the modern culture and conveniences set in, without removing you from everything you like about the present. Living here, you have a home that is more than just a home. It is a story. A story in motion that is waiting for you to write the next chapter. There is a certain sense of pride that one cannot help but feel when they move into one of these and begin to care for it. As if that isn't enough to recommend it, there are also the financial incentives.

All homes are tax shelters, at least until the government decides to do otherwise with the tax code. But historical district homes are quite possibly the most protected from any changes that might come in the future tax code because they represent the existing home industry and a piece of culture all at one time. Currently, those who live in the F Q Story historical district have the ability to take advantage of tax credits or incentives in the remodeling of their homes. If any work needs to be done, from the most vital to the most cosmetic, chances are good that there are protections so long as one does so in a manner that preserves the original integrity of the house.

After tax shelters there is the advantage of safety and security. Weather is cyclical. Calamities and storms come and go, and the homes in the F Q Story know this better than any other modern subdivision because they have seen what Mother Nature can do, and they are still standing after all this time.

If you are sold on the idea of living in a classically built house that represents the best of Old Phoenix and all that it had to offer - if you want your future to have one foot in this great city's past - then F Q Story historical district is the place to call home.