Fairway Lodge newer golf condos at the Biltmore are in high demand currently among transplants to the Arizona area, and in particular those with a taste for the Phoenix real estate market. What you get when you live here is a place brimming with opportunity. A wonderfully spacious residence that gives you first class, front door access to some of the richest and most amazing views and amenities around. Whether you want to step away for a swim in the deep blue Olympic sized pool or you'd rather get out and enjoy the thrill and relaxation of a round of championship golf, everything you see here is yours to command. Here are some other reasons why we recommend the Fairway Lodge in the Biltmore area.

A classic elegance and a modern sensibility permeates this marvel of architecture, design and construction. Living here is to live in a home of the best quality around. The spaciousness of the rooms, the lack of wasted opportunities in how the floor plans are laid out, and a unique sense of what is right in a home all become immediately apparent as you spend your first night at the Fairway Lodge condos. Soon, you will find that that first night turns in to several, and you may never see yourself wanting to leave. In spite of the one and two bedroom units, these dwellings are truly comparable, luxury for luxury, to the upper scale homes that you will find out in the mountains surrounding the area.

Biltmore itself wrote the book on luxury, and that attitude has rubbed off on the look and feel of these condominiums. Like its broader area, the Fairway Lodge units will grow in value over time, making for the perfect real estate investment for this day and age. After all, until the real estate market improves, it will make for a great home or vacation rental unit. Should you choose to live in it, then instead of paying expensive rent and having nothing to show for it, you can pay rent to yourself and build equity towards something you will one day own. At $779,000, these units are a steal, especially for the level of service and pampering that you get in return.

In a few photographs, Fairway Lodge can convince you to choose it for your condo needs. It doesn't need anyone speaking for it, really. And words can never equal a simple view. But in that same way, as good as the pictures are, nothing does it justice quite like actually being there to experience it. As you consider your next (or first) condo purchase, do everything you can to make this happen. It will continue to pay big dividends in value and comfort further down the road. If you are thinking about buying real estate in the Phoenix area, Fairway Lodge is worth a visit.