Paradise Valley is a gated community widely known for its breathtaking neighborhoods, luxurious amenities, and unmatched security. At the top of the list for neighborhoods that are exemplary of these functions is Finisterre. While this neighborhood may seem impossible to crack, many real estate investors and potential home buyers are shocked to find that there are more and more short sales on the market. See, the real estate sector has taken some major hits over the last few years. Lost jobs, bad loans, and irresponsible financial planning, have all been contributors to the mess that some homeowners are currently enduring. As a result, banks are desperate to keep homes occupied, and home buyers are desperate to escape an unhealthy situation without going into foreclosure. There to help both parties out is the short sale.

A short sale will not leave one's credit rating untouched, but it will aid one in being able to avoid long term damages to their credit rating, and it will keep banks and other lenders from eating the enormous loss of money that comes from sitting on an empty property. The way a short sale works is to allow the home buyer to sell at a set price that is less for the amount he still owes on the loan. Over time, the lender can still make money through interest, while not losing money by having to manage an empty property. The buyer gets out of a bad loan with a fairly healthy credit rating (one that is at the very least repairable). The new buyer gets a great home well below market value, and when the market does finally bounce back, they get a relatively quick profit from the initial investment.

While short sale homes are more common in lower income environments, Paradise Valley allows one to earn more in the long run by paying less in the short term. In other words, there has never been a better time to buy than right now, and there may never be another as mortgage interest rates are now at historic lows. Sounds great, doesn't it? But the one thing you have to remember when it comes to short sale homes is that the competition is fierce. You make one offer that gets shot down, you're not getting another chance. Add to the fact that most homes never even make it to the official listing stage before they're sold, and you can see just how important a quality and experienced real estate agent is to your success.

Don't sit around and let a deal pass you by. Take advantage of the changes in the market. Start in the Paradise Valley, and give your best shot at living in a true Paradise.