Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are two of the most sought after areas for real estate buyers in all of Arizona. But what you don't want to do is get roped in to the idea that they are the only quality locations that stand out from the pack. One particular area that is not Scottsdale or Paradise Valley is Arcadia. While it has many differences from the areas it is being compared to, it still may be your place for the following reasons: a wide range of pricing options, high end homes and proximity to every modern convenience you can think of.

Pricing Options

Why does it matter that you can get homes anywhere from $550,000 to $1.5 million and up in one location? To have an answer to this question, you must first understand something about the way that real estate works. You don't want to live in an area where all the homes are budget priced just like you don't want to live in a community that is all luxury and high end. If you live in the budget priced area, then you have to live with the knowledge that anyone who wants to move to the area can basically buy the same house a few doors down. If you live in all high end areas, then it becomes even harder to retain resale value. Luxury homes already have a lot of pricing burden that makes them a hard sell. Living in an area of luxury homes means that the few eyeballs you attract will also be noticing other high end homes on the market in your area, and that makes it an even tougher sell.

High end homes available

Whenever there is a luxury home to choose from, the buyers at the lower levels of affordability have something to aspire to. They may never purchase the bigger home, but they derive a great deal of peace of mind from the fact that property values have the ability to rise rather than remain stagnant. Since homes are often the largest investments that any person will make, it becomes important to know that the value will grow over time and that areas like Arcadia will support that growth of value.


Those oft repeated rules of real estate - location, location, location - are true because of the added value an area can bring to the house itself. Arcadia delivers the privacy that home owners crave, but it does so in a location that is easily accessible to every modern convenience one can think of.

If you are thinking about buying a home and can't afford Scottsdale or Paradise Valley, then you should give serious thought to Arcadia because it truly has options that appeal to everyone.