Should you find yourself if the heart of Biltmore on 24th Street and Camelback, you may come upon the most luxurious and beautiful condominiums that you have ever seen. It is hard once laying eyes on the Optima Biltmore not to inquire of further details. And once you're in, you're hooked. This particular piece of real estate attracts young business types and active minded people across the city, state, and country. It is a melting pot of diversity that is filled with job opportunities and action galore. Here, you get an incredible view of beautiful Phoenix as it comes to life in the heart of the desert. Here are some specific reasons why you should consider the Optima Biltmore for your next home or condo purchase.

Heart of the City, Where the Action Is

Living outside the city has its own set of aggravations and inconveniences. Whenever there is a big event that you want to go see, you have to worry about parking and traffic, both of which can be easily bypassed when you live within walking distance of the venue. That's a major perk of the Optima Biltmore, and why many in their 20s and early 30s choose to call it home in the greater Phoenix metro area.

Building Equity, Asset Versatility

The fact that this particular development is a condominium makes it doubly versatile in its functionality. You can live here while building equity in something that you own, or you can rent it out to someone who wants to be closer to the action and build an alternative revenue stream from whatever your profession is. Either way you cut it - in down markets, or good - the Optima Biltmore presents you with more ways of adding value than a traditional home, and it gives whoever lives in the quarters - whether it's you or someone else - plenty of value for the money and multiple reasons to stay.

Comfort, Convenience, and No Headaches

When you live in a place of your own, even in a luxury home with plenty of perks, you have to be the origin point of any money and/or effort that the home requires. But a life at the Optima Biltmore means that when any maintenance issues occur, you don't have to give them a single thought. Instead you can rely on building maintenance and the overseers of the residence to make sure everything is to your liking. This convenience adds to your level of comfort and ultimately results in no headaches.

Should you be on the fence about condo vs. home, don't make a decision until you've had a chance to visit the Optima Biltmore and see what you could be missing. It may be more than enough to push you the condo direction.