The Phoenix Country Club is a place where you own a piece of history. Much more than a simple golf community, it combines the best of both worlds - championship caliber golf with historic integrity in the Country Club Manor neighborhood. If you have a deep respect for heritage, and you would like to leave your mark for future generations, then consider this opulent and elegant location. Nothing in all of Phoenix is quite like this posh neighborhood with one historic home after another in a gated, golf community where safety, privacy, and comfort, are always the order of the day for you and your family.

As a Golf Community

The Phoenix Country Club is among the best in the state. It joins other clubs like DC Ranch and Estancia as a place where the golfer is king. Simply having access to some of the best fairways in the southwestern United States will allow you to improve your game and lead a healthier life geared toward wellness. It is also a great excuse to get out of the house, see your friends, and enjoy some good outdoor fun.

As a Historic Community

When you get beyond the golf draw of the Phoenix Country Club area, you start to realize just how much heritage is in this historic area. Architectural stylings of days gone by, sturdy homes that are updated for the 21st Century, and the knowledge that you own a piece of history - a piece of history that you can leave your mark on for a new generation - are all welcome reasons to call this place your home. It really is an odd combination because many historic district areas do not have the same amenities and modern draw of the Phoenix Country Club area homes.

As a Financial Incentive

Beyond the amenities, beyond the championship golf, and beyond the history that you can take part in by living here, there are some added perks. Perhaps the most common are the financial incentives. Historic homes qualify as real estate purchases and are privy to any tax credits or deductions that an ordinary home is qualified for. In addition to this, the government has some additional rewards for those who spend restoration costs in preserving the historical integrity of a classic home.


Last but not least, the Phoenix Country Club area homes make great places to live and raise a family because of the gated security and the knowledge that you, your loved ones and your possessions are under a safe and watchful eye. If you want luxury, history, and a great home, you'll find all of it here.  To see all the available homes for sale in the Country Club Manor call 888-418-0106 to have a Russ Lyon Sotheby's Agent show you all the available homes.