A sanctuary is a place you go to get away from it all. It's where you want to take shelter from the storms of life and be alone with your thoughts. To live life your way, that's the opportunity that such a place affords, and in the Sanctuary Homes of Paradise Valley, you've finally found it. If you are ready to get serious about home searching, that means you need to forget about buying a house and start looking for a place that will allow you to experience life on your own terms. Here is what you can expect in terms of benefits when you get ready to make a home purchase in this particular development.

Limited but sterling selection of homes

Sanctuary Homes of Paradise Valley do not offer a wide selection, but what is here will be all the home that you ever need. The inventory is not as diverse here as it is in other locations throughout the Phoenix real estate market. Part of that is because homeowners like to spread out and make nature an integral part of their homestead. When you make a purchase here, you get more than just ample heated square footage on your home. You get multiple acres on which to get outside and enjoy the Arizona sun. That mix of rays and rooms blends together for the ultimate dream home experience.

High dollar, high value homes

Another thing about the Sanctuary Homes of Paradise Valley is that they do not sell for lowball numbers. In fact, with the current inventory that is available, you can't think about getting one of these homes without first laying out close to $3 million, a rather high buy-in by any set of standards. In each of the currently available homes, you can enjoy anywhere from four to five bedrooms, making it a perfect place for typical families or retirees who entertain a lot of family and friends. Helping out with that are the elegantly crafted bathrooms in each with the smallest supporting four separate restrooms and the largest, seven. All these factors influence the overall value of the home.

Amenities unmatched

When you buy one of the Sanctuary Homes of Paradise Valley, you are purchasing more than walls, a floor, and a carpet. You're purchasing a way of life that also includes great amenities like entertainment rooms, outdoor living areas, swimming pools, fitness rooms, and more. Best of all, it's yours to use on your terms. You don't have to follow the hours set by a hotel, condominium development, apartment complex, or clubhouse.

With all the reasons to buy in the Sanctuary Homes of Paradise Valley development, what are you waiting on? Contact a qualified luxury real estate agent today, and put together your offer.