The condominium lifestyle is really one that you should consider if you are wanting to venture in to home ownership, but you are not certain of all the little responsibilities and costs that come with it. While it's true renting leaves you with no equity, it does come with the added convenience of not having to take care of the landscaping or not having to purchase and maintain amenities. Still, each month of rent goes in to the pocket of the property owner instead of toward your future, and that can definitely be a problem if you are not particularly good at earning high incomes or making wise investments.

Consistently, through the years, the only long term investment that has made its owner money is real estate. It is something virtually anyone can buy in to and profit from in some way. With condos, however, you can have the convenience of the rental lifestyle and the long term benefits of home ownership, as long as you choose the right locations.

In the Scottsdale area, those locations happen to be the Third Avenue Lofts and Optima Biltmore. These two condo residences offer all of the incredible amenities that you would expect from the luxury lifestyle, but they give you the added peace of mind and comfort of knowing that you don't have to be the one who spends astronomical amounts of money and time to upkeep them to the standards that one would expect from a luxury community.

In addition to this huge benefit, one can also take comfort in the fact that these condo units are protected from much of the criminal element that often makes one the victim of burglary and theft. With a mixture of both human and technological security comforts, one can enjoy the fact that his safety and privacy is always a priority. For years, Third Avenue and Optima lofts have been the envied standard for the condo owner who wants to have a place that will grow in equity and value and a place that will place them in the center of the action for all of what Scottsdale has to offer.

Scottsdale is a community where one can always find something to do. Tons of great entertainment choices are available. Close proximity to sporting events, dancing, club life, and musical events, are just part of the charm that this portion of Arizona has to offer. The placement of Third Avenue and Optima lofts means that a resident is never more than a short sojourn away from enjoying one of the most progressive and eventful cities in the Western United States. To get a part of that action, an interested potential resident should contact a real estate agent in the area today.