What is the price of your safety, security and privacy worth in terms of real estate value? Many home shoppers get discouraged because they feel that, to benefit from top level security, they must pay more than they are willing to. What would you say if you were told that it was possible to enjoy the best gated security while still buying a home in the $300,000 price range? If you find that hard to believe, don't. There are plenty of options available to Scottsdale residents looking to relocate or those hoping to move to the area in the Stonegate community. This area offers guard gated levels of privacy that will ensure that you enjoy the following freedoms.

1. Freedom of mobility

The ability to come and go as you please without having outside traffic invade on traffic congestion and your very own property is a big upside to living in this particular region. With a guard gated community, the only people allowed in and out are the ones, who actually live there or the ones, who are guests of the people in the development. By cutting out the unnecessary thru traffic, the Stonegate development also allows you to take comfort in the fact that your children, property and family are safe at all times.

2. Freedom for peace of mind

You want to be the best protector for your loved ones and your property that you can possibly be, but be realistic. How many hours per day do your loved ones actually see you? How often are you around your car or boat or other personal property item? Chances are, not as much as you are at work. Having a guard gated community there to make sure your stuff remains your stuff and that your family is protected from outsiders to the area is a huge contributor to peace of mind. It also negates the need for one to keep dangerous weapons or costly security systems onsite.

3. Freedom to build a future

Many investments that are made in housing are the biggest investments that a family will ever make. If you want something that is a surefire money maker over the long term, then you will want to give consideration to a home in the Stonegate development. Even though the real estate industry has taken a hit in the last four years, it is still a wise investment, particularly in areas where the neighborhoods are well protected.

With all the freedom that comes from living in the guard gated community of Stonegate, you would be hard pressed to find a reason not to make an offer today. But before doing so, get in touch with an agent, who knows the area and the market.