Fall is always one of the best times of the year to consider buying a home. The summer heat has died down. Temperatures are cooler and the weather is clear. It's finally a refreshing time to get out there and see what homes have to offer. If you are thinking about stepping in to this time of the year as a seller, then it's a good time to do so. But what about the market? Since 2008, it's been no big mystery that the housing sector has taken quite a hit. Home values are nowhere near what they should be with buyers reluctant to commit to a long term mortgage or a high dollar purchase as job worries increase. Listing your home for the last four years has been something of an exercise in futility. But this selling season feels right to proceed, and here's why:

1. The Presidential Election

November is always a time of great political interest during presidential election years, and 2012 has been called one of the most important of all time. Many on the Republican side of the ballot look at current President Barack Obama as someone whose policies are in opposition to the Constitution of the United States. Meanwhile, supporters of the president feel he is doing what is necessary to help lower income Americans have an opportunity to do things like own a home, hold on to a job, or work towards retirement. Where you are in the political spectrum has little to do with the reality of where home ownership is heading. With a slow economic recovery - in large part because of voter uncertainty - most of the experts agree that things will pick up, and in fact are already starting to, when the election is over. Getting your house on the market now ensures that it will be seen by the first interested buyers.

2. Rising Activity

There are more Home Parades, more interested potential home buyers, and, yes, more home sales at the current time. The time is right for you to sell your home because at this point, you are standing out among the most interested buyers. In order to take advantage of this increase in activity, it is important to get listed as soon as possible. Activities in the fall and spring are more advanced than they are in the winter, and if selling your home quickly is a priority, then your best bet is October rather than March.

Phoenix Real estate agents are there waiting for you to make the decision to sell and will work hard to ensure that your home goes in a hurry. As you weigh the pros and cons of selling now, remember these advantages and take the plunge.