The Boulders homes are found in the High Sonoran Desert area of North Scottsdale, Arizona. If you are seeking a private, exclusive, and luxurious lifestyle, the Boulders homes may just be what you are looking for. These homes are located in the Desert area and they are surrounded by appealing mountain scenery. When done skilfully, the house blends in with the surrounding rocks. The entire house looks like a mystical and romantic dwelling situated in the mountains.

Many of these exotic homes are exquisitely designed. First of all, the location is hand picked. Being in the mountain area, the location is very important. We don't want the houses to be exposed to harsh weather all year round. This will speed up the wear and tear of the property and brings down its value. For this reason, houses are usually situated in the shade. They are protected by the natural environment. The huge stones and lush greenery in the mountains serve as natural protectors against harsh sunlight and wind.

Since these are premium houses, you can expect the interiors of the homes to be of exceptional quality as well. Designers take extra care to ensure that stunning views are not unblocked with large transparent windows. Ceilings are high to give the appearance of class and spaciousness. Quality materials are chosen for all furniture and fittings to ensure that they last for a long time to come. Of course, all homes are equipped with well designed fireplaces, which provides warm and cozy spaces for family members to have a good time together. Fancy a game of Monopoly? Let's head to the fireplace!

After a long day battling the financial markets at the computer, you may wish to join some friends at the local golf club for a drink. Alternatively, you may wish to get a relaxing massage at the health spa. Keep your body healthy and your mind sharp to gear up for tons of golfing fun over the weekend with your golf buddies.

When the weekend arrives, drop everything and head out to the Boulders Golf Club for a game of golf. Compete at a world class, 18-hole championship course. If golf is not your cup of tea, you can opt to play tennis or go horseback riding. Alternatively, you can spend the afternoon relaxing at one of the four swimming pools at the Club. If the weather does not permit outdoor activities, simply head to the private gym. Fire up the cardio machine, wear your favorite earphones and start up your best tracks. After just a short 20 minutes workout, you swear that look slimmer!

The Golf Club is well equipped with amenities. You can spend the entire day at the Club and not get bored. After a long tiring day playing golf, you can always enjoy a sumptuous meal at one of the seven restaurants.

If the above lifestyle sounds appealing to you, simply check out the homes available for sale at The Boulders. Your dream house and lifestyle may just be waiting for you.