The Boulders is unlike anywhere else in Scottsdale because it combines modern and historical architecture with the layout of nature itself into one blend of unique real estate that other communities find it hard if not impossible to replicate. At any point while touring the homes located within The Boulders, you could notice how a beautiful, luxurious home seems to grow right out of rock and earth for a captivating depiction of what is possible through the power of creative construction. One look at this locale and you will understand why the cheapest homes run just north of $500,000 with many others scaling clear into seven and eight figures. It's a destination that not everyone can afford, but those who can afford it, will never wish to leave. Here's a breakdown of what to expect.

Family sized

Many of the locations that you will find in The Boulders are ideal if you're a family of three or four. You can find some homes in the low seven figure range that make use of oversized bedrooms and baths, but most go up to three and four bedrooms, some as high as six. Space is something you'll never have a shortage of whether buying on the low end or high, and many homes have other features that kids and adults alike will love, like swimming pools, game rooms, and fitness areas.

A natural showplace

Many business types prefer to live in The Boulders because they understand how seductive the landscape can be when it comes to wooing colleagues and clients. With outdoor cooking and relaxation areas that look out across the High Sonoran Desert, it's a great place to get away from the distractions of city life and enjoy the company of others or talk about what needs to be done from a business perspective. Especially for homes in the seven figure range, there isn't a foot of wasted space. Whether indoors or outdoors, you'll always feel like you're "home," in other words.

Privacy and security

The Boulders makes great use of its geography and gives residents a location where they can come to feel safe and secure from the distractions and sometimes dangers of city life. This is especially attractive for people raising children or those who have a lot of material possessions that they would like to keep a close watch on.

In the world of home ownership, there are placeholder locations and communities that you never wish to leave. The Boulders is not a placeholder. Whether buying in at the low $500k range or going for a more luxurious home, when you're here, you've "arrived." It's a place you can depend on, both now and in the future. Contact an agent today to see about what's available in the Phoenix area.