The resort lifestyle is not for everyone. But if you can afford it, it's a dream come true. The Montelucia Residences offer some of the finest homes in the market. Before you browse the homes, let's pause for a moment and discuss the elements of a resort experience. When you go on a holiday and decide to stay in a 5 star hotel, what are you expecting?

1) Privacy and exclusivity.

Unlike many lower end resorts, a 5 star stay usually means you get to enjoy lots of privacy. You are pampered and treated like a VIP everywhere you go. Everything you need is just a phone call away. Feeling hungry? Make a call and room service will bring piping hot food right to your door step. Fine dining makes up part of the experience.

2) Top class services.

Everything in a 5 star resort is expected to be top class. The valet staff, the service staff - everyone is expected to be well trained, polite and professional at all times.

3) Clean, well maintained, and beautiful property.

Most importantly, when you walk into a 5 star resort, you expect the condition of the property to be in top notch condition. The furnishing is clean and well maintained, and everything should be in working order. Of course, 5 star resorts usually spend a lot of effort decorating the place. The goal is, of course, to provide a pleasant experience for the residents. Every single piece of furniture is hand picked.

4) Private gym and swimming pool.

On week days, residents can keep fit by spending time in the private gym. When the weekend arrives, the entire family can spend the morning in the pool.

So how would you feel when you walk into a 5 star resort? For sure, you will feel pampered.

Montelucia Residences are located in the luxury community of paradise valley. The homes are built to offer a 5 star resort living experience.

As a proud home owner, you get to enjoy all the benefits that are stated above. Each residence is exquisitely designed and comes with matching furnishing.

Don't feel like staying indoors? Due to the unique location of the residences, the area is surrounded by excellent hiking trails. Just put on on your hiking boots and enjoy a full day of exploring!

If you are an avid golfer, you will be pleased to learn that the area is surrounded by several golf clubs. In fact, Scottsdale is well known for being a premiere golfing hub in the country. Within each golf club, there are more amenities such as shops, spas, pools and restaurants.

Enjoy the finest resort lifestyle in Montelucia Residences. Every experience is a 5 star experience. So if you are considering pampering yourself with top notch services, check out Montelucia Residences today. Note that there are usually just a handful of units for sale in the market at any one time as most units are sold quickly. For viewing appointments, please contact a qualified real estate agent.