Scottsdale, Ariz., is one of the fastest growing cities in all of the Southwest. The reason many people prefer to make Scottsdale their home are the immense choices, not only in where one is allowed to live, but also in job opportunity, shopping, dining, and night life. No matter what age you are or how active, there is something in the area for everyone. The only problem that you may run in to when shopping for homes in the area is narrowing down your options. Just where should you begin if considering a place to live in the Scottsdale area? Most flock to DC Ranch, but even here an embarrassment of riches can be a problem for the home buyer, who isn't quite sure of what he or she wants. Just which Scottsdale communities are the best in DC Ranch? It's easier if one breaks it down by village.

1. Silverleaf Village

Silverleaf has an abundance of luxury options for someone, who wants something more than a functional place to stay. At Silverleaf, you can benefit from smaller communities, such as Arcadia, Canyon Village, Sterling, Horseshoe Canyon, Canyon Villas, The Parks, and Upper Canyon. Each and every one of these locations has charm that you will not get anywhere else. If cost is not an issue for you and you want a home that will serve as a great long term place to buy or rent, then you should start in Silverleaf Village with any of the options listed above.

2. Desert Camp Village

Other great luxury locations to choose from in the Scottsdale area are Camelot, Desert Camp Villas, Market Street Courtyards, Market Street Village, Montelana, Pioneer, Rosewood, The Desert Haciendas, and Market Street Villas. Each of these locations offer highly valued amenities that would cost a fortune to get on your own. While living in this area is not cheap - be prepared for many homes to carry a seven figure price tag - you can benefit from having all your selections in one place. Whether you are an incessant homebody or more adventurous, Desert Camp Village takes care of you nicely.

3. Country Club Village

This part of DC Ranch has less for you to choose from, but for many, the lack of options are welcome once they see the luxurious estates at Columbia Community, Country Club, and Tapedaro. Country Club Village is perfect for the sporting type, and it is also not located far from many of the wonderful dining and shopping options that Scottsdale is famous for.

4. Desert Parks Village

Who said living in a desert has to feel like living in a desert? With The Courtyards, Park & Manor, The Estates, The Villas, and Terrace Homes, you can't go wrong.

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